Cinema 4d app

Cinema 4d

With over 8,000 logged hours inside Cinema 4d, I know multiple ways of tackling a problem thru Xpresso, rigs, lighting, and X-Particles. Redshift is my main render tool, but I also know Cycles 4D, and to a lesser degree, Octane.

Substance Designer app


Using the dynamic nodes inside Substance Designer, I'm able to create seamless textures and base materials.

Rizom UV app

Rizom UV

If a model requires special attention for textures, Rizom UV allows me to efficiently unwrap models to use in Substance Painter.

Substance Painter app


After unwrapping the models, I apply base materials from Designer onto each mesh and fine tune details where needed.

Photoshop and After Effects apps


Depending if the project is an animation or still, I'll use Photoshop or After Effects to composite the EXR images from C4D. These high res files allow for ultimate control over the final image.